"I'm Not The Queen Of Porno Chic" Says Fashion Editor!

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And yet she told a packed crowd at the French Alliance the other night that it was her idea to have the letter G shaved into a model's beav for a Gucci shoot.

Christian Freedom was there for former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld's talk, and reports the other saucy highlights:

"She was especially proud of a mad-cow-themed fashion shoot.

"She said she started clubbing when she was 15 years old and used to see her dad out at the discos. She spent more time with him there than at home.

"She hates being called 'queen of porno chic'. Just wants to be chic. Usually after one of her sexy shoots, she goes home to bed and a cup of tea.

"She said The September Issue and The Devil Wears Prada lacked FUN. All the fun and life and air were sucked out of the creative process. Much too serious.

"She feels fashion has become too corporate. She hopes more houses like Balenciaga will take a chance on young unknowns who have raw talent.

"She didn't say why she was let go from French Vogue. But she is enjoying living and working more often in NYC. She knows now how to fight for taxis and adjust to being a New Yorker. She also just signed on as an international editor for Harpers Bazaar. [The gossip is that Bazaar will soon launch a French version with her at the helm, but we'll see.]

"Carine feels more beautiful today than when she was in her 20s. She admires Caravaggio's work for its harsh reality. She thinks there's too much retouching these days. Hates retouching except in photos of herself."

Don't we all?

And by the way, I'm not the queen of porno chic either.

I'm just chic!

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