It's Time To End The Electoral College

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That's the theme of this editorial in The Nation, and I have to agree that a change in the system would be most welcome.

It's kind of bizarre to know that a candidate won after getting a certain number of electoral votes, and not even have to ask if they got a majority of the popular votes.

In 2000, you'll recall, Al Gore got more votes than Dubya--even with all the tampering and intimidation--and he should have won the prize.

In this case, Obama got more electoral and popular votes, so we can breathe easily.

But ascribing a certain number of points to each state seems archaic, when each of us individuals should have one point.

Every American should have a single vote which counts equally with everyone else's, right?

And that would be achieved by using the popular tally!

Come on, if the electoral college is so great, why don't they pick Senators that way too?

(Twelve electoral votes for New York City, three for Westchester, and so on).

Because that would be silly--though the news channels would love it!

Nothing seems to please them more than highlighting all kinds of maps with their hands.

Enough with the map highlighting.

And it's time we dropped out of the electoral college.

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one person, one vote.

enough already.


The electoral college is a relic of when only white male property owners could vote. The effect is that rural votes are worth more than urban votes. Good luck getting 2/3 of the states to agree with the one-man one-vote idea. Women have been allowed to vote for only 100 years.  


The election results seem to have riled up the troglodyte trolls from under their bridges. 

It was great fun watching the losers freak out on Fox Tuesday night. 

Karl Rove didn't understand how he could lose after spending $390 million.



The electoral college is an instrument that was created in the fears of small states threatened by big states it has been integrated into the game theories of campaign experts in tactical efforts towards strategic ends. I tend to have mixed thoughts in the matter as it works like brakes in a car you don't really need them but most often they sure help.


One second why are you bashing the idiot author of this piece for "having no clue"?

Why is it such a short piece that one can write on a piece of toilet tissue which seems to only be lacking and in need of editorial guidance? You folks in the current trendy all too clever culture of today that advances even as its ignorance becomes clear are simply pathetic. The Village Voice is pathetic America is pathetic the world is pathetic. SO go ahead and say maybe I woke on the wrong side of the bed but it all is no fun, it is boring, and you might be correct but I will not admit it. BUT? Generally with a society like this why not have a miserable society after all it appears to me that the hack author of this Village Voice article does not have the common vulgar decency to anything more than wipe his snot nose to write what is no more than a cheap article of filling up space, wasting time, and snaring you poor innocent readers into what could be called "The Editorial Crisis of American Ignorance".


Nonsense.  A better idea is to divide the country in half and split up.  I'd rather go to war to tolerate the socialism of the Democrats and it would be wrong of me to expect them to tolerate my utter contempt for them as neighbors.  How about a little of the old "irreconcilable differences" and you guys go build your Utopia and we can build ours.


You have no clue about the Electoral College. The system is designed for the STATES to elect the leaders of the Union. National popular vote IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE ANY GROUNDS IN THE ELECTION. The only popular vote that matters is at the state level!  That is on purpose, because otherwise regional differences would not be adequately shown in the election. Furthermore, the US is a collection of independent states combined into a Federal Union. These States are supposed to elect the leaders of the Union of States. A Direct Popular vote would favor areas of dense population, which historically have different ideas than areas of low population density.


This type of article, along with the complete lack of research done by the media, has left us with a population that has no understanding of our Election System. While we are at it, go back to prior to the early 1900's are look at how Senators were supposed to be chosen. The Amendment back then changed it from the State Legislatures Choosing senators to Direct popular vote. While the "new" system works, it actually weakened the Senates ability to stop gridlock in the legislative process. And wow, look what our main issue is in congress today.