Jerry Lewis Wants To Be Gay!

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Hey, lady!

Get this!

I recently went to see comic legend Jerry Lewis get honored by the SASS Foundation for Medical Research at a Tribeca banquet that mixed solemnity with shtick.

On the way in, a reporter remarked to Jerry that he'd accomplished so much in his career--acting, singing, writing, directing--and wondered, "What's left for you?'

Replied Jerry, "I want to be gay!"

He then gestured to all the men standing around him and cracked, "These can be my boyfriends!"


Jerry can start the ex-straight movement.

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Love his movies. Actually thiought in his "Nutty Professor" days, he was hot. But Jerry Lewis, the man, repulses me. I'm told he's one of the meanest, nastiest humans on earth. Loved him in "King Of Comedy" - it's my life's desire to see "The Day The Clown Died". Heard Harry Shearer is one of the few people with a copy, and you laugh through the whole film - though it was meant to be like "Schindler's List".


It's just so people can keep screaming at him:


musto moderator

PS: Richard Belzer, who loves Jerry and introduced him at the event, showed me the Jerry tattoo he has on his arm!

Also, Jerry said the stage musical of "Nutty Professor" will come to Broadway in February. Here's hoping.