Katie Holmes' Backstage Behavior

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Katie Holmes is costarring in a Broadway play called Dead Accounts and she knows there's a lot of interest in her in this town--both as an actor and a personality.

So the way Katie's been handling the stage door scene after the performances is to sometimes have a guard pull together all the Playbills from people who want her autograph and bring them inside.

They have you initial the Playbill so you'll get yours back.

And they bring it in to Katie and later come out with them, all John Hancocked for your box of Broadway memories.

The trouble is, sometimes the process takes so long that the other cast members are coming out and greeting the assembled fans, but the fans don't have their Playbills back yet!

One stage door Johnny admitted on a Broadway board that he simply took out his ticket stub for them to sign.

I would have simply held onto my program and sent Katie a settlement deal.

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No, Chita is NOT famous "in a tabloidy way."

\She's just a Broadway immortal, that's all.

I took a friend backstage to meet her during "The Dancer's Life" and when Chita saw that my friend Denise had a leg in a cast, she ignored everyone else in the "meet and greet" section and grilled Denise on what happened to her, what procedures she had gone through and gave her the name and phone number of her own New York orthopedist.

She is a great artist and a great person.


Well, I love Chita, but sorry, she's not nearly as famous--in a tabloidy way--as the former Mrs. Cruise.

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Chita Rivera stood in the freezing cold and snow and not only signed, but chatted with all her fans. Her teeth were even chattering. And this damn sure ain't no Chita!!


hmm ...wonder how many of those Playbills are on ebay now...I can't be bothered to find out.

jackson30 topcommenter

Katie's acting like she's still as famous as when she was married to Tom (and starring on Broadway in All My Sons). She should just come out and greet whatever fans are there.


There's a lot of interest in Katie, but alas a lot of those people aren't buying tickets for the show.