Lindsay Lohan And Porn Star Get Sensual In New Movie Trailer

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They're calling it "Lindsay Lohan's confusing new movie trailer", but it's quite clear to me.

It's a loving sendup of a 1952 pulp drama, this one featuring Lindsay and a real porn star, James Deen.

The film is called The Canyons and it's written by Bret Easton Ellis and helmed by "the never nominated director Paul Schrader".

As shown in the lurid black-and-white trailer, Lindsay plays Tara, "a sensuous woman torn between two loves" who "knew she was being used for something evil!"

(Yeah, that Liz & Dick movie.)

Interestingly, Gus Van Sant is listed among the cast members, maybe becaue they wanted a director who was nominated to be on the set.

And you also get James Deen trying hard to be Robert Mitchum.

The result seems pretty esoteric--and right up my alley--which might be why the trailer's narrator deadpans, "Coming soon to an Internet server of your choice."

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I never miss a Nolan Funk movie.


Lohan sounds like Tallulah!


Surely, this is a put-on, down to the scratches on the film.


That ad line you mention is from the pre-Dick  (so to speak) Liz movie, "Suddenly Last Summer."


" 'Suddenly Last Summer,' Cathy knew she was being used for something evil!"


In a larger sense, the only pre-dick Liz movie was probably  "National Velvet."


Amusing stylistically, yes - but the acting.  Oh, dear.

bethesda topcommenter

The closeups aren't that kind to poor Lindz.


This is so beyond fascinating. I'm going to have to watch several times before I process it.