Married Man Says Parkinson's Drug Turned Him Into A Gay Sex Addict!

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And he just won a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company for that very reason!

This is major, folks.

The drug, Requip, has just been catapulted to the forefront of social inhibitors.

And one can only imagine the potential uses.

Will a lot of devious gay men suddenly start slipping Requip into straight people's cocktails?

Will the LGBT community unite and force Requip into the entire nation's diet, thereby spawning a whole generation of "ex-straights"?

And as a result, will gays take over the world, while mounting each other like pesky little bunnies?

No, scratch that.

They already have.

And they already do.

But wait!

The man says the drug also made him a gambling addict!

This shit could save Atlantic City!

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