Miss Guy Urges You To "Take It Off"! NSFW!

Categories: Music

What could be sexier than a zippy, funny, insinuatingly appealing "Take It Off" video by rocker Miss Guy, with guest appearances by New York's least-self conscious club creatures?


As the release explains:

" 'Take It Off' is from the debut solo EP Dumb Blonde by Miss Guy (lead singer of Toilet Boys).

" It's an electro-pop dance song chronicling Miss Guy's vast nightlife experience through a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the electro-dance genre.

" 'Shake it like a paint can' is a play-on-words humorously invoking the metaphorical language often found in electro-dance music."

And the part about Beyonce? Well, see for yourself.

But before you shake your can like a can, please be forewarned:

"Take It Off" contains explicit lyrics that may be NSFW.

And the video has strobe effects that could cause seizures.

Ooh. Danger. I'm moist.

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