Marsha P. Johnson Case Reopened!

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Marsha P. Johnson was the transgender performer and activist whose body was found in the Hudson in 1992, the police deciding it was a suicide, as various observers reacted in deep suspicion, certain there was more to the story.

Well, the case has just been opened again!

A transsexual activist named Mariah Lopez tells me she got someone at the Manhattan D.A.'s office to assign someone to look more closely at what really happened.

Mariah feels it was a murder, and says that Sylvia Rivera--the late LGBT rights legend who was Mariah's soul mother--felt the same way.

As the quest for justice rages on, Lopez told me she's also pushing for a permanent tribute statue of Marsha by the Christopher Pier.

That's a wonderful idea, and the authorities had better not react with Marsha's favorite saying:

"Pay it no mind!"

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@PrincessComics Agreed. Makes me hopeful.


Loved her but what do they expect to find or how ??  Other than interviewing people who knew her?

SavannahMontgomery 1 Like

Marsha P. is forever "memorialized" on my fridge as a magnet photo...I always consult her when I pull out the meat and she's says.....

bethesda topcommenter

Amazing news.