Chiller Theatre Autograph Show Photos By Angelo Pitillo

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Connie Happy OCT12.jpg
CONNIE STEVENS, one of my favorite of Eddie Fisher's ex wives.
As you know, this week's column is a wacky and poignant joyride through a Parsippany autograph convention where I hobnobbed with all sorts of bright lights, gamely pushing and shoving my way through the throngs to show my icons some sensitivity and love.

And now, the photos. Angelo Pitillo captured the magical mayhem with his loving lens, and the result is a three-ring celebrity convention unto itself.

Line up and gawk.

Thanks to Kevin Clement for organizing this gem of a hoedown.

Connie+Mickey OCT12.jpg
Connie with Mickey Boardman. I bet my bottle of Kiyak this becomes his new profile photo!

Virginia+Michael OCT12.jpg
Virginia is for lovers, and I LOVE Virginia Madsen. Sideways, frontways, or whatever ways, she's talented and fun.

Joan+Fans+Troll OCT12.jpg
JOAN COLLINS was being very Joan Collins all day. So glam--but I wonder if she knew Pamela Sue Martin was signing autographs in another room.

Pamela Sue OCT12.jpg
I told you! And PAMELA SUE told me her favorite movie wasn't The Poseidon Adventure, but The Lady in Red, a Roger Corman B movie she called "a tour de force."

Big Bird OCT12.jpg
How could Romney have been against this? Bad idea, Mittens.

Cunt OCT12.jpg
The Avengers' LINDA THORSON telling me off. Read the column.

Adrienne 2 OCT12.jpg
ADRIENNE BARBEAU was a freedom rider...

Julie+Fan OCT12.jpg
JULIE ADAMS and a creature, I mean fan. Julie was in some A-list movies like "Bend of the River" with Jimmy Stewart, and played Jimmy's wife on his short-lived TV series. The woman radiates class from every pore.

Morgan OCT12.jpg
MORGAN BRITTANY was Baby June in the movie of "Gypsy"! But as she told me, "After the awkward phase, my agent dropped me. Everyone said, 'Have a nice life'. But then I got into modeling. I was the Ultra Brite girl and the 'Who Wears Short Shorts?' girl." A few years later came a little something called "Dallas."

Sam+Fan OCT12.jpg
"Do Ya Do Ya" love SAMANTHA FOX? Both of her looked amazing.

Donna + Musto OCT12.jpg
Me and DONNA LOREN! She was on Batman and costarred in beach blanket movies. She loved them, "as long as Don Rickles didn't pick on me. He's a sweetheart but he can't help telling the truth."

Steven+Musto OCT12.jpg
STEVEN BAUER is an old friend. He was in Scarface and now costars with Liev Schreiber in Showtimes's Ray Donovan. Hubba hubba.

Aileen OCT12.jpg
Movieland's orphan "Annie," AILEEN QUINN, told me that the recipe to play the role is a combo of "street smarts, optimism, and a heart of gold." And no allergies to dogs.

Donna Wilkes OCT12.jpg
DONNA WILKES, from "Angel" in which she was a part-time prostie. Donna told me she did research with Children of the Night, which deals with runaways who get lured into that sort of thing. As for the filming, "I left the racy parts to the other girls!"

Caroline OCT12.jpg
Bond girl CAROLINE MUNRO was Mandy the exotic dancer in the Joan Collins thriller "The Devil Within Her," as I kept reminding her all day. Yes, in Parsippany, all roads lead to Joan Collins.

Taryn+Factotum OCT12.jpg
TARYN MANNING told me she liked working with Britney Spears in "Crossroads" and became best friends with Brittany Murphy on "8 Mile." ("We lost her. It's so sad.") Taryn was great in "Hustle & Flow."

Lee Meriwether OCT12.jpg
Lee Meriwether told fans that doing Barnaby Jones was "absolute heaven." She was also a Catwoman way before Anne Hathaway, but you knew that already.

Michael+Bebe OCT12.jpg
Me and my Bebe, my Bebe and me. Bebe Buell was there with hubby Jim Wallerstein, who looks like a young version of her ex, Todd Rundgren. "People say, 'Todd at 20'," she laughed, "but we've been together for 12 years." You do the math.

Michael+Fans OCT12.jpg
Fans were even asking little old ME for photos. I was nice enough not to charge.

Penny Marshall OCT12.jpg
Penny Marshall. Kidding. No, really. Kidding.

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