Sir Roger Moore Is Stirred, Not Shaken, By 007's Legacy

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The most charmingly self-deprecating of all the James Bonds, Sir Roger Moore has a new book out called Bond on Bond: Reflections On 50 Years Of James Bond Movies and came to town to celebrate that plus the 50th anniversary of Bond flicks.

We Bond-ed for my new column, in which Sir Roger told me:

*What he thinks of Daniel Craig

*The messages he sent to Craig when the latter actor nabbed the part of Bond.

*What Moore was told when he got the part, way back in 1973.

*A Bond moment he's not terribly proud of.

*And whether gays should like the Bond films, despite a questionable character in the new one.

Yes, I asked.

As a bonus, I also had a brief chat with Kristen Stewart about her new art house movie and why she did it.

The movie, that is.

Yes, you get two generations of franchise-film legends in one little column.

Go ahead and bite.


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Sounds like Moore was as much of a mess as Lazenby but more charming about it.


Met -- if that's the word -- Moore on a Bond location stunt shoot. The stunt man wound up with a concussion and Moore was three sheets to the wind and had to he held up by two people. They both were in basically  the same condition.


You make your subjects come off so well! Even that Twilight chick.


Beyond delightful column. And lordy he was a hottie.