Is Rise of the Guardians Good For Elf Esteem?

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Rise of the Guardians is a vigorous 3-D animated film about various childood icons (most notably Jack Frost) and how they earned the right to be caretakers of children all around the world.

After a special screening I went to a while ago, director Peter Ramsey said of the film, "It's really a full meal.

"Eighty pounds in a 75-pound bag.

"I apologize if anyone was traumatized by it," he added, smiling.

Not at all.

I found it fun, with strong turns by Alec Baldwin as a Russian Santa, Hugh Jackman as a bunny with bravado, and Jude Law as the evil spirit.

There was just one moment that did disturb me a bit.

When Jack Frost finally gets his title after his heroic deeds, all the characters are giddy and happy.

One elf impulsively kisses another on the cheek to show his joy.

And the one who's been kissed punches him in the face and knocks him over!

Gay panic. Gay bullying. Gay yuck.

Not a great message to send out to kids.

Otherwise, I hope Guardians will rise.

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@mikeymusto Certainly not a good message to send out to children. WTF were the producers/director thinking?


I love the fact that the movie was written by David Lindsay Abaire, a Pulitzer winner.


Gay panic shows up in so many movies, even ones aimed at kids. There's always a straight guy who looks uncomfortable when another guy gets "too friendly." You're right, it's the worst message--and not realistic anyway.