Some Questions About The Horrendous NYC Blackout

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*Will we really have to put New York on stilts some day to avoid the storm surge?

Can't we all just wear higher heels?

*Didn't I tell you how great Jack's 99-cent stores are?

While people were frantically running around scarfing up flashlight batteries for 30 scammy dollars, the Jack's on 40th Street was selling them at the usual two-for-a-dollar price!

*Don't you have new respect for blind people after stumbling around in the near-dark?

I mean, don't you suddenly worship Helen Keller?

And can't you sort of see how if that's your reality, you slowly start to adjust to it in all its horrid limitations?

*Wasn't all that stair climbing a sort of unwanted yet invigorating cardio exercise every day?

Come on. Let's make lemonade, huff, puff.

*Why is my neighborhood always one of the last ones to get power back?

Shouldn't they tell you that when they lease you the apartment?

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Calm it down mama! You get to ride your bike another day to your home. 


I lost weight from all that climbing, but I gained it right back thanks to panicky eating binges.


Let's hear it for Jack's 99! They really serve the people (more than FEMA did).