The Best Blurbed Quote In History!

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Writing a good blurb is an art form unto itself, one I've been working at for years as I crank out quote lines for plays, movies, and books, always aiming to be zingy yet entirely accurate.

But one year, I found that every blurb I wrote seemed to have "romp" in it.

("A lovely retro romp"; "a no-holds-barred sexy romp"; and so on until I romped my way right out of blurbing for a while.)

But now I'm back and willing to learn something from a master:

Comic actor Leslie Jordan.

Here's what that pert little pixie drummed up as a blurb for The Screw You Revue, a drag show that's coming to the Duplex:

"So funny I nearly shit myself and fell back in it!"


I'm awestruck.

I'm speechless.

You can't top a recommendation like that.

It would be foolish to even try.

It would be a totally useless romp.

The Screw You Revue

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Reminds me of the preview card that an audience member turned in after a preview of a Billy Wilder movie: I laughed so hard I peed in my girlfriend's hand.


The thought of little Leslie falling back in his own feces is a hilarious variety show unto itself.

jackson30 topcommenter

It's good but it actually would have been funnier without the "nearly".