Two Reasons Given For Romney's Loss

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That is, two out of the multitudes of available reasons.

For now, let's leave out the 47% remark, the flip flopping, the Big Bird thing, the "whole binders full of women," the running mate, the "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" editorial, the FEMA remarks, and everything else Romney stood for--or didn't stand for.

Each one of those moves was a knife in the heart of Romney's campaign chances,
a giant piece of garlic thrown at an evil vampire wanting to suck the blood out of our nation's dignity.

And they were thrown by the vampire himself!

But there are two big sea-changes offered by one pundit as to why Romney actually lost.

1) The country isn't getting any whiter.

2) Old people die.


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Thought y'all would like to know -- The Economist this week is saying that 5% of the voters interviewed in exit polls self-identified as gay. And they voted 76 to 22 for Obama. Apparently that was more than enough to give him his margin of victory. Sis boom bah!


There's the infographic that shows what the election would've looked like if only white men had been able to vote  - So it looks to me like the reason he lost was because women and minorities hated him and were willing to stand in  line for 4 hours to keep his tax dodging ass out of the White House. The Republicans continue to act like women are a minority with rarefied concerns.



..and High Expectations for the "aspirational/entrepreneurial " vote aka the "American Dream" from folks who were far from it these days, but were, in their minds, [searching for the nice/political word] "job-creators"...the "I've got mine" [no matter how] crowd.


Reason 1. He's an asshole


Reason 2. He's a BIG asshole.


Mittens giving advice to graduating college seniors. "If you can't find a job, borrow money from your parents and start your own business." Jaw-dropping WTFuckery. Poor thing is so out of touch with the rest of us, and he don't even realize it. 

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And Ann Romney didn't help with her devoted-rich-housewife routine.

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Those 2 reasons pretty much sum it up--plus people are smarter now and don't buy into the biblical hate as much as before.