Vacation Time For Me!

Categories: Musto on Musto

Yes, I look more fabulous than ever (as evidenced by the above photo, which I'll tell you more about when it becomes a Michael Musto T-shirt. True story.)

But that's all the more reason for me to sit still for a week and freeze my expression.

Yes, I might open my mouth to occasionally ingest some turkey and sides.

And true, I will post my column this Wednesday, and it's a doozy; an insider's look at what it takes to get famous in show biz at this moment, short of killing someone.

But mainly I will sit expressionless and rest, like an old turtle with a pierrot collar and lots of photoshopping.

Have a bountiful Thanksgiving.

Love you, mean it.

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"Parisian Pierrot ....

Society's hero!

The Lord of the Day,

The Rue de la Paix

Is under your sway ...

"Divinely forlorn

With exquisite scorn

From sunset to morn .."


Noel Coward, paraphrased from "London Calling" in 1923.

I didn't know you were around then!


 All the more reason to hie yourself away,

Relax, refresh, be gay

Then return to write another day.



Oh Ross Perot..Pierrot...cum-media dell arte...oh, whatever...chillax, enjoy.


You have earned it. Have a fab week. And you look (cliche coming) amazing!