Was Robin Byrd's Show An Adult Entertainment Version Of Mr. Rogers?

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I argue the point in today's New York Times.

(Yes, I've been quoted in the Times two days in a row now!

Could anyone be more relevant?)

Anyway, the long running cable star Robin Byrd is doing a weekly live show at the new Cutting Room starting tomorrow night, with echoes of her TV sex-travaganza.

So the Times' Jesse McKinley did a profile of her, and asked me for an insidery comment to shed some insight into her allure.

(I'm an old friend of Byrd's, dished gossip as a clothed guest on her show, and will be introducing her tomorrow).

And here's what I said:

"She brought it into everyone's home and she put a girl-next-door face on it.

"Her show never seemed the slightest bit dirty.

"It was a little like Mr. Rogers meets Debbie Does Dallas."

Yes, I said it.

And they ran it.

And does anyone agree with it, perchance?

Or are you so outraged you want to bang my box?

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Her parties at The Adonis (how did the city ever allow that gorgeous theater to be torn down?) were legendary and scandalous.  Even the rats running down the aisles loved it!


Yes, love her, she's a cable t.v. pioneer.  I think she should write a book, including tell-alls about her porn pals Jon Vincent, Joey Stefano, as well as her non-porn friends, Sandra Bernhard, who else?  How long is the show running?  Loved the old Cutting Room.


That woman is ageless. She can bang my box anytime.