Alan Cumming: "I Have a Non Grindr Marriage!"

Categories: Film

I just caught up with radioactively original Alan Cumming for the new column, and he told me that he and his husband Grant Shaffer have an old-school, traditional relationship that helps ground them.

"We have a non Grindr clause," he joked when I asked.

Alan's a good match with some other people too.

In fact, he's bringing his fab cabaret show with Liza Minnelli to Town Hall next March, and he gave me some insight into Liza's character and their wacky bond.

He also told me about his new movie, Any Day Now (see above photo), in which he plays a 1979 San Francisco drag queen who gets involved with a flawed but likable lawyer, with whom he tries to gain custody of an abandoned boy with Down Syndrome.

"I look like a horse!" exclaimed Alan on seeing himself in drag.

Do read this interview.

If you march to your own drum like Alan and I both do, you'll like the beat.


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