Could Nicole Kidman Get An Oscar AND A Razzie For The Same Performance?

Categories: Film

I discussed that in a spicy and informative webcam interview with's Tom O'Neil.

I pointed out that Nicole Kidman is getting Oscar nomination buzz for her role as a human Barbie in The Paperboy, even though her perf wasn't terribly good--with the emphasis on terribly.

Tom points out that two other performers legendarily got Oscar and Razzie noms for the same performance--Amy Irving for Yentl and James Coco for Only When I Laugh.

Nicole could easily join their hallowed company!

What an incredible honor!

Tom and I also discuss the Lincoln juggernaut, the Oscars' weird relationship with Spielberg, Anne Hathaway's recent hooha flashing, and whether Pi will take a slice of Oscar home with it.

Watch the clip and you will surely be a winner.

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