Daniel Day-Lewis's Third Oscar?

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If the protean Daniel Day-Lewis wins his third Oscar for Lincoln--which there's a much better chance of happening than Liz & Dick nabbing an Emmy--he'll be the first three-time Best Actor winner in the Academy's history.

Other actors have won three Oscars, mind you, but not all for Best Actor.

(Jack Nicholson, for example, has two for Actor and one for Supporting.

Walter Brennan got three for Supporting.)

And several of them have two for Best Actor (including Sean Penn, Marlon Brando, and Frederic March).

And some have one for Best Actor and one for Supporting.

(Like Denzel Washington, who's also a contender this year; if he wins, he'll tie Nicolson's two-leads-and-a-supporting record).

I bet Day-Lewis gets it, which would be quite momentous.

Except for Katharine Hepburn inevitably intoning from the grave, "Congrats, doll, but I have four Best Actresses!!!!"

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Speaking of Walter Brennan.......don't the confirmed story that while working on his tv series THE GUNS OF WILL SONNETT the murder of Martin Luther King was announced................

..........Walter Brennan ...........danced...........He was a racial bigot......................

JPMcMahon topcommenter

Even though he didn't get an award for it, check out Walter Brennan as Col. Jeb Hawkins in How the West was Won. One of the most evil movie villains ever.


Likeliest alternative is Hugh Jackman. If Les Miz gets Best Picture, that would be a big boost for him.


"Luke, the barn!"

Memory of our shared childhoods, Savannah.

More and more, the Oscars mean less and less to me.

Brennan must have made hundreds of movies.  One of my favorites is "Slightly Dangerous," where he thinks Lana Turner is his long-lost granddaughter. Two thirds comedy, one third kitschy sentiment.


"Walter Brennan got three for Supporting"

"Grandpa McCoy" nabbed 3!  And I always had my eye on "Luke"!  Now that's the "Real McCoy."

bethesda topcommenter

I would love Joaquin to win but it's starting to look like he might not even get nominated.


@bethesda: His jokingly excessive "acting" doesn't deserve a nomination.