Here I Am As Tan Mom!

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Yesterday, I showed you my glorious visage as Angelina Jolie with her tres Jolie leg-out pose, as photographed by Santiago Felipe for my Voice cover story looking back on 2012.

Well, here comes moi as Patricia Krentcil, the whack job who looked like a California raisin, but who denied having brought her little daughter into the tanning booth with her--though at a gay bar appearance earlier this year, mama was far from Woman of the Year as she fell down drunk and got belligerent.

Meanwhile, I hope her little raisinette has smoothed out or she could become the victim of unwanted racial profiling!

Have a great new year--or if you're a total beast, have a great gnu year.

Photo: Santiago Felipe.

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musto moderator

Yes, I'd love to do a calendar or photo book of these creations and include my Lindsay, Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean, Amy Winehouse, Snooki, Kim Kardashian, Heath Ledger, Charlie Sheen, etc etc. There's certainly enough material there.


Your tan isn't dark enough for raisinet's reality. 


You both should collaborate on a calendar. 12 months of Musto celebrity train wrecks!


Your collaboration with Mr. Felipe are satiric works of art.

Have you considered an exhibit at some point? I'm serious!