I Found Out How Rentboy Works

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Rentboy.com is the famed escort site for those who like tender lovin' at the rate of approximately $250 an hour.

And now I know how the money-making works.

At Rentboy's holiday party last night at Westgay (celebrated by the revelers in the above and below photos), the site's director told me that they don't take anything from the income the guys make there.

The guys pocket all that themselves, while the site sticks to making money from the advertising they get.

As for how the young gents get to feature their assets there in the first place, it turns out they need to supply documents proving they're of legal age and are mentally sound, and if approved, they can then use the site to sell their wares.

It's easy! Do it!

By the way, the party was so festively sexy that I finally gave in to Westgay (the polymorphous weekly Tuesday night bash at Westway, the former honky-tonky strip joint by the river which reeks of burlesque ambience via East Villagey/Williamsburg hauteur).

As the DJ filled the main ballroom with aggressively un-girly sounds, the place teemed with T-shirted hipsters, guys with facial hair, club kids, transsexuals, Pointdexter types, and naturally Kirsten Dunst.

And miles and miles of hustlers looking for mistletoe to fist under.

Wilkommen to Westgay. Life in NYC doesn't get any more fabulous than this.

Photos by Jack Hazan.



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Good lord - can't believe the site's still going strong - I worked on some of the design waaaaaay back in the mid-90s.  Should have asked for, as it were, a piece of the action!


Only $250? That's pocket change. I'm there.