Kathryn Bigelow's Winning More Awards! Only Because She's A Woman?

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When Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker won the Best Picture and Best Director awards three Oscars ago, a few icky people started bitching that it was only because she's a woman.

(I found that pretty kooky reasoning considering a woman had never won before.

Finally, one does, and then they congratulate her with, "You only won because you're female!"?

That's like saying Obama only won because he's black!)

Anyway, Bigelow's new post-9/11 docudrama Zero Dark Thirty nabbed the New York Film Critics Circle award for Best Picture yesterday, and she won for Best Director too.

And the same icky people must be blowing piles of smoke through their fixed noses.

I bet they're sitting there thinking, "It happened again!

She only won because she's a woman!"

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I enjoyed the Hurt Locker, but I find her most recent work, Zero Dark Thirty to be really morally reprehensible. I do not dislike it because she is a woman. I dislike it because it inaccurately supports the use of torture, and acts as an apologia for those who committed such acts. That the airheads in the new york arts scene have all lined up behind her film, oblivious of the events of history and oblivious to her films damage to our societies soul, does not surprise me in the least.


That dress and hairstyle...oy! 


If she wins again, she should mention previous female directors like Wertmuller, Campion, Streisand, etc. it would be classy.