My Chiffon Got Wet Last Night!

Categories: Nightlife

Leo Gugu, me, Geraldine Visco
Literally! I got completely drenched riding the bike from a Christmas party on the Upper West Side down to Eastern Bloc, where I was the celebrity guest host for the weekly My Chiffon Is Wet party, but the body heat--and high spirits--had me forgetting all that within seconds.

You know how I normally dart in and out of things, antsy for something better?

Well, I stayed at this place for two and a quarter hours!

With its rec room-like ambience carried out against a decor of Bolshevik chic, it's a real good time, an East Village haven for lovable lunacy and unselfconscious down-getting.

Hosts Geraldine Visco (who demands that you dance, pose, and relax), Leo Gugu (who spins up and down a pole, then zooms into the crowd for some runway), and Paisley Dalton (who DJs fiercely unpretentious dance stuff) make it a party you want to move into.

I met so many people and posed for so many photos my face is now frozen.

And my chiffon is officially dry.

Photos by Gerry Visco.


With Paisley Dalton




With Louis Jordan



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