Patti LuPone's Diction: Let's Discuss

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And speak clearly when you answer me!

Don't you love the way Patti LuPone talks?

I feel it's clipped and expressive and distinctive--the sign of a real star.

Her speaking style is anything but generic. It's very Patti, extremely individual, and brimming with character.

But a recent review of the Broadway play The Anarchist moaned about how Patti swallowed her words the whole time.

Really? I felt the opposite was true.

I know she's been criticized for that sort of thing before, but I found that in The Anarchist, she was working overtime to make the words crystal clear and sparkling.

Her diction was impeccable. Not a syllable was missed--and there are a whole lot of words!

There are miles and miles of them, with some four-star unpronounceables plunked into large, open field of nonstop verbiage!

And she pronounced them!

So why don't we leave Patti alone in this department?

Besides, the same review complained about costar Debra Winger's supposed "droning on" and on and on in the same play.

Funny, it sounded to me like a gigantic amount of Deb's lines were quick, staccato questions, like "You did?"




PS: The Anarchist is closing on December 16, but not because of the stars' diction, OK?

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@mikeymusto I saw Ms.LuPone at a concert.She was terrific.A real Italian diva! I was hoping to see The Anarchist.I love both actresses.


I agree Michael. I thought her diction was flawless. She was compelling, urgent and I understood every word. In her book she discussed being called "flannel mouth" early in her career and working hard on her diction. I think the way she speaks works maginificently on stage and it is clearly her own. Unmistakable. I liked Debra too and I liked the play. To each their own I guess. :)