Photographer Of Grisly NYC Subway Death Defends Himself

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The cover of yesterday's New York Post has become a collectible for sickos.

It features the photo of Ki Suk Han hanging on, moments before he was killed by an oncoming Q train.

It's sort of like Penelope Pitstop, but for real.

And the photographer wants to tell his own side of the story.

He says he couldn't have saved the guy.

It wasn't possible--though photographing him obviously was.

He also prefers people to say he "licensed" the photo rather than "sold" it.

Yeah, whatever.

In any case, he's right.

Documenting harsh realities is what people do these days; it's accessible and important.

And what you do with that documentation is up to each and every citizen.

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On rethinking, I remembered that (I think) the edge of the platform overhangs the track area and people have survived by getting under the overhang. So people could have told him to get under there, if they couldn't pull him up. I heard some witnesses said they were afraid of the guy who pushed him, so there's also that to consider.


poor brad

i guess his career is over...lolololol


Yeah, right, he couldn't have run over there and pulled him up or tried to. That's all he could think of - the photo he was gonna get and sell.