So Dubya Bush DID Steal The Election?

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I'm talking about the first time he won.

You'll recall that in 2000, George B. Bush squeaked by as President over Al Gore, and a lot of that victory hinged on the state of Florida.

The vote in Florida--where there were complaints of voter confusion and possible shadiness--was so close that there had to be recounts.

But the third recount was stopped because of a technicality, and Bush was named President.

According to the machine recount, he won Florida by all of 537 votes!

That's basically two canasta clubs and some pool boys.

Jump ahead, and I just caught up with The Queen of Versailles, the riveting documentary about an incredibly wealthy tycoon and his trophy wife as they face the crash of 2008.

In the movie, the rich guy--David Siegel--reveals that he's the one who nabbed the prize for Dubya.

"I got George W elected President," he boasts. "Personally got him elected President."

"How did you do that?" wonders the interviewer.

"I'd rather not say," he responds, "because it may not have necessarily have been legal."


That's one of the most horrifying things I've ever heard in a documentary.

And it's not made any sweeter when Siegel issues a half-hearted apologia:

"Had I not stuck my big nose into it there probably wouldn't have been an Iraqi war and maybe we would have been better off, I don't know."

Gee, mighty white of you.

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'Republican Dirty Tricks' is a well-known concept that goes back many
years, and they just keep getting better at it. Sure they stole the
election against Gore. And using money from billionaires in this country
and combining new and proven dirty tricks, they did their best to try
to steal this current election. Money will buy anything in this country,
but something went wrong this time. Guess enough people were disgusted
by their methods. But never mind, they'll continue to block progress in
Congress to get what they want in other dirty ways. BTW, since there is
proof that Bush falsely manufactured the last war, why hasn't he ever
been held accountable? Nothing was done. Hmmm, who paid whom for that to


I'll go you all one better. Remember in 1994, when popular Texas governor Ann Richards suffered a surprise upset in her bid for re-election? Who did she lose to? Hmmm.


The first "win" was rather sloppy, as we all remember.  The second "win" was much more organized and high tech, but, unfortunately, they couldn't change the exit polls.  We have our fantastic press to thank for ignoring that whopper.  Word is that we came very very close to it happening again this time around, but something strange occurred resulting in a memorable Rove meltdown on live TV.  


Yeah I'm sure this guy has a lot of credibility.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

5,000+ U.S. service members dead because Dubya was haunted by the fact that Poppy Bush didn't "finish the job" back in '91. And ya wanna know what else? The same cast of characters in Bush v. Gore are battling it out with the pro-Prop 8 gangsters in Perry v. Schwarzenegger.


Of course. Everyone in the world knows it.


Yep, and he stole it the second time too.