Why I Hate Christmas With A Passion

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'Tis the season to be cranky, so let me spit out my eggnog and tell you what I hate about this enforced annual nightmare:

*The fact that it starts earlier and earlier each year. This year, the hype started in October! Next year it'll probably be July.

*The relentless barrage of fake good cheer and forced joviality. It doesn't sit well in New York City, where I thought people were supposed to be real, weren't they?

*The horror of Christmas song after Christmas song coming at you, one cornier and more banal than the other. Am I supposed to be cheered by the annual shlockfest of hits by people who don't even celebrate Christmas? And by Karen Carpenter?

*The pressure to buy gifts for people you only see once a year--namely the time you get together to exchange gifts.

*The equal pressure to receive them, which comes with the impossible need for you to find ways to look excited and grateful over mugs, candles, and perfume samples. That much acting training I haven't had!

*The horror that comes when you regift something--to the person who gave it to you last year.

*The conflicting iconography that tears us between two fantasy icons--a religious one (Jesus) and a commercial one (Santa), both with potentially draining agendas. It could make you schizo.

*The way everything stops dead and clears out--except for incoming hordes of tourists--but you're supposed to stay put and act like the city's aglow with excitement.

But otherwise, I simply adore the holiday season!

Bring it on!

Ho ho ho!

Shoot me!

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Oh lord, somebody's Welbutrin prescription ran out...


I like getting together but why do I have to waste resources and raw materials on a tack fake tree and or waste a real living tree? Why do I have to oppress myself with the gift buying, because the powerful and prestigious in society tells me so?

I like giving all year around and I like doing it more humbly. I still give allot all year around but when it is out of meaningful passions and heart specifically for a cause or a person; not obligation. 

I like hiking and having bonfires; I see and appreciate the trees left alone in nature. I cant see wasting a tree for a month to be a showcase for tacky ornaments and shallow gifts. 

I get together sometimes up to two times a week and them some months none but then the next maybe five times. That is more than if I was to only make time on the holidays. No that I have a partner I have compromise. If anything; the holidays make me want to steer clear of others more during the year because of the dreaded holiday season. If I did not have a partner; I would be much happier to and more engaged in spending more time with gatherings but I am stuck oppressed with the Christmas oppression. I almost hope I get scheduled to work on holidays.


I understand others may also do things that others cant stand such as smoking, gambling or going out to eat allot and the like; but all those things are never projected onto anybody like Christmas. Christmas is projected onto others and others who engage in it put more pressure on others to engage in it. No cigarette smoker or gambler has a control or projection level near close to Christmas. People who gamble, smoke and the like will never make you feel oppressed, guilty, pressured and the like; like the people who are engrossed in Christmas. I get put downs, pressured and or obligated to do things from many who mindlessly celebrate Christmas. 

The sad thing is that most of the people involved in my most recent Christmas experience did the following; exchange the gifts they got, bought gifts just a day before Christmas, returned the gifts for money and or give them away, came up with excuses to leave those oppressing and obliged attended parties. Heck I was the only one who initiated applying creativity and heart in my gifts. I initiated that and I am the one who hates it the most! Where is the logic in that?! lol.

I do not like teaching the idea of tress being objects in the forms of a fake tree or cutting down resources while we are the most waste laden country; to take that tree (resource) slap tacky ornaments on it, let it sit for a month or two and then toss it to the curb. Lets just look at every thing as a materialistic object and forget respect for living things; no they are statues and or idols for us to glorify and toss aside when we get bored with it; heck just like many of the presents under the tree.

You can keep away from cigarettes in your own home and space if you want. You can steer clear of gambling and or dining out allot; but still you cant steer clear of that Christmas. 

I like getting together but why do I have to waste resources and raw materials on a tack fake tree and or waste a real living tree? Why do I have to oppress myself with the gift buying, because Society tells me so?


Christmas is a big joke its supposed to being carrying about your fellow man what its really about is money but the hypocrites eat it up.


Let me count the ways.

1. It brings out the worst in families. There was the Christmas when my father told me he hated me and never wanted me. I was still a little kid.

2. The pressure to buy the perfect gift, and spend money you don't have.

3. Seeing family members you don't like at all.

4. Lying to the kids about Santa. How can we expect them to trust anything we tell them after they figure this one out?

5. The crowds in mid-town with all the tourists on the sidewalks. They have no idea of sidewalk etiquette. Don't stop in the middle of the damned sidewalk with your eight little rug rats to make a phone call to Aunt Betty Lou telling her that she won't believe that you are in New York City, hoo-wee. Or standing there with their mouths wide open looking up at the buildings. )Where are the pigeons then?)

6. The idiotic products marketed just for Christmas. eg Chia Pets, or those damned blanket things with sleeves. 

7. Those annoying bell ringers. I will gladly donate to the Salvation Army, just stop ringing that bell already.

8. Plastic trees, killing a real tree, or having to plant a balled tree in order to avoid the guilt of killing a tree.

9. Knowing that New Year's Eve is next, and now I have to avoid Times Square at all costs. 

What I love about Christmas.

If I can just sleep through it, it won't come back for 364 days.


I don't hate Xmas, I just ignore the season as much as possible. I will be working  but won't feel left out at all.

I used to feel so left out of things when I had no plans during the holidays.

As an older person, I need the holidays to regroup. Dont want to be with friends and family.

Dont want to do anything and I certainly dont want to listen to no xmas carols!


Agree re Karen Carpenter. She died from starvation yet she's celebrating the holiday of bounty and we're supposed to go along with it. Weird.


Used to hate "Merry Christmas, Darling" until realizing how much I like the melody, harmonies, production, arrangement, campy lyrics ("logs on the fire fill me with desire"), and Miss Karen's vocal.  .


@mikeymusto you had me till Karen Carpenter im sorry gurl i love me some miss Karen


Couldn't agree more. But I guess it helps the economy.


@bwaybill christmas sucks people suck life is life just with a bunch of shitty shit, christmas does not help, makes poor people more poor rich people feel better about themselves and we all tend to forget its Jesus birthday we are celerbraiting ( dont five a shit I know I am a bad speller for the most part) if its even his real birthday, once again its a gift of knowledge that we have received for our founding fathers, and just what the hell were they?! Fuck all and to all fucks a good night!~