76-Year-Old Erotic Writer: "I'll Use The C Word, But Not The Cruder Language!"

Categories: Sex

The star of this week's column is Desiree Holt, an adventurous Texas granny who's written 137 published tales of sexual intimacy.

Talk about 50 shades of grey!

Desiree and I had a racy and illuminating chat covering her hit titles (from Cupid's Shaft to Bedroom Eyes), as well as learning just which sexual language she feels comfortable using in her work.

As she tells it, "cock", "cunt", and "fucking" are perfectly OK, but not the crude words!


Anyway, Desiree also told me about the zany reactions she gets to being a septuagenarian sex writer, as well as the messages she has for women who want to stay sexual as they age.

And we have a tense little exchange about why she absolutely won't do same-sex erotic novels, a rationale which you'll have to read to believe.

So grab on to Cupid's shaft, folks, and don't let go.

Then lube up and dive on the column with your bedroom eyes!


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