A Free Screening Of Cabaret's Restoration, And Liza Will Attend!

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Bob Fosse's landmark 1972 movie of Cabaret--which was deemed so swirlingly brilliant it beat The Godfather for the Best Director Oscar--will be shown for free at the Ziegfeld, where it originally premiered, on January 31.

And some pretty special people are coming, namely Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey (who won Oscars for the film), along with costars Michael York and Marisa Berenson.

Those four will join TCM host Robert Osborne onstage to introduce the 40th anniversary restoration of the film, according to the announcement.

"The original Cabaret film print hadn't been shown in a decade because one of the film's original reels suffered damage in the form of a vertical scratch that ran throughout the entire reel. After computer technology to repair the damage failed, Warner Bros. corrected more than one million frames by hand. The negative was then scanned to significantly improve resolution, and the sound was upgraded, all with dazzling results."

Thank god that worked out or they probably would have had to film the whole thing all over again!

Anyway, this event sounds like a wonderful exercise in divine decadence.

Come blow your horn, start celebrating. Right this way, your aisle seat is waiting.

But though it's free, you must secure tickets in advance right here. (They will be available on January 17.) Wilkommen.

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Love Liza and love this film - one of the best


Love Liza, but still think Miss ( I will sit in that booth and wait ) Ross should have won for "Lady Sings The Blues". Even with those terrible Bob Mackie 70"s , standing in for 30's , costumes. Saw Miss R at Ralphs grocery 2 days ago - she goes there 1st for the basics, than drives across the street to Bristol Farms (on Doheny), for her high end cheese, and fruits.  I'm not joking .


This will be "funny" if  I score a ticket...the first time I saw  Liza in person was at the Ziegfeld...she was a customer seeing a movie just like me.  This was post-"Caberet" but maaybe the time of "Arthur"?  Anyway, it was back in the day when the back of the Zieg was the smoking [anything goes] section...there she was (with a gang) giggling!


I'm actually excited to see Marisa Berenson more than the others.