Anti-Gay Pastor Drops Out Of Inaugural Ceremony, Thank Goddess

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For all his talk about equal rights, Obama's having some bad luck with his choices lately (which is a nice way of saying his choices suck).

First Chuck Hagel faced some backlash as a Defense Secretary pick when folks remembered his heinous anti-gay comments and views (which he's apparently evolving on).

And now comes Pastor Louis Giglio, who was going to perform the benediction at the inauguration ceremony.

Turns out Giglio advocated ex-gay therapies, quoted from a kill-the-gays section of the bible, and urged God-fearing people to stop the homosexual lifestyle!


He's now an ex-inaguration-ceremony attendant.

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We voted for him twice.  Some of us can help but love the man.  But how far does he have to bend over to get kudos from constituencies that will never have anything but contempt for him?

jackson30 topcommenter

This is even worse than the other horrible pastor who did Obama's wedding, but who Obama later said he barely knew!


WTF is wrong with Obama?   He had that asshat Rick Warren give the benediction last time.  Why can't he find someone who likes GLBTs?  Or better yet, just get rid of the stupid benediciton.