Here I Am Talking Oscars On CNN!

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Minutes after the nominations were announced this morning, I whooshed to CNN to give my thoughts to host Carol Costello on who was chosen and what was omitted.

I also talked about how the Best Actress race contains the youngest and oldest nominees ever in that category.

As for the snubs of directors Ben Affleck and Kathryn Bigelow, I wondered if the nominating committee included J. Lo and James Cameron!

Enjoy--and vote for me!

[And I'm scheduled to appear on CNN International at 645 PM.]

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Heartening that you are the go-to fella at CNN  Way too bad about Current's demise.  Keith O. was presccient. With Mr. Zucker taking command of CNN programming, may some cleverness and wit prevail there.  You should've had your own teevee show by now  and CNN's in a ditch.  Rumor:  Jennifer Granholm as new Labor Secretary.  Have a smashing and breakthrough year, Mister Musto.


Fun! Quick witted! And yes, very informed.