Hillary's Blood Clot: Will It Affect Her Presidential Chances?

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Hillary Clinton is considered a top choice for the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2016.

But the blood clot she recently developed after a concussion has both sides offering their opinions as to whether this will hurt her chances (presuming she decides to run, of course).

Not surprisingly, it's a conservative who told the Boston Herald that the clot is not a good sign because people want to vote for someone with "vigor," even if they're of a mature age.

They say that Hillary will be the same age as Ronald Reagan was when elected Prez, but he didn't have a history of medical problems.

(Side note: Nor did he seem to have any awareness of any--especially AIDS.)

But a Dem weighs in that this is just "a bump in the road" as it were, and Hill has engendered so much good will it won't be a factor at all.

I totally agree with that--especially since doctors say she'll make a full recovery as they rip up the tabloids hinting around that it was brain cancer!

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I still say it's a facelift. Let the hatred commence...


Oh, but them Repugs will try..."She'll stroke out at any second!..(esp. when "the phone" rings at 4am!)...etc.

Never mind you, Gerald Ford falling at the drop of a hat. Regan's Alzheimers, Bush I puking at a Chinese State dinner, Bush II (for no brains at all).


The Enquirer lied??? No way!


I agree with you, and the Enquirer should be ashamed, by the way.