Lena Dunham's Style: Does It Need Fixing?

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HBO's girlie-ensemble shows are great at giving sex symbol status to those who might not otherwise attain that. (Sex and the City, anyone?)

And on Girls, Lena Dunham is a refreshing new lady star--a natural looking, offbeat but cute gal who attracts the guys on the show, and who's not afraid to roll around naked, even though she's not stick-thin.

At the Golden Globes, she wore a chi-chi, purplish, winged Zac Posen dress of the type that a lot of skinny starlets would probably wear, as people balked, "She shouldn't dress like them! She needs her own style!"

But why?

Why shouldn't Lena have access to the same beautiful designer chic that everyone else gets? (And I loved it even more that her tattoos were showing.) Why would you want to put her in a potato sack? She's cute!

I only had one problem--the shoes.

It took the woman so long to get to the stage that she practically had won for next season by time she got there.

Lena should wear flats--and so should everyone else!

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I liked the Golden Globes dress - the color was nice and the design. The craftsmanship was leaning toward Project Runway on some of the seams - that fabric is hard to sew, I think. As she gets more famous and rich, she'll probably get offered more dresses - maybe have a relationship with one designer. I agree, Michael, why shouldn't she look glamorous for the red carpet? Love her, love the show.


I thought she was going to trip at any moment....  And Adam in Episode 1 was quite right about her tats... they gotta go.


She looked like she was walking through hot coals--but slower.