Meet Mr. Gorgeous, Burlesque Performer With a Twist

Categories: Nightlife

This week's column is a wild, half-naked interview with Eric Gorsuch, aka Mr. Gorgeous, one of the hottest performers on the NYC burlesque scene.

Tall and jet-black haired, the Baltimore-born stud with a background in circus entertainment enters with Clark Kent spectacles, which he generally ends up removing (along with other things).

Superman indeed.

He's also been seen making a sexy and satirical spectacle out of props involving shellfish, broccoli, a gigantic ice cream sundae, and furniture that he does amazing acrobatic stunts on.

This is not your everyday male ecdysiast.

He's simply, well, Gorgeous, and he's actually got something to say--about sexuality, boundaries, and his boyfriend--before he goes on to his next act of comical disrobing. So give him a listen. And a look.


Photo by Bettina May

Photo by Jim Moore


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