Meredith Vieira: "I Feel Like Dead Pussy Galore!"

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Meredith Vieira was delightful as the MC of last night's National Board of Review awards at Cipriani. She kept things zingy, and after Daniel Craig and Barbara Broccoli took the stage for a tribute to 50 years of Bond films, Vieira quipped, "So James Bond is 50 and he still looks good. I'm 59 and I feel like Dead Pussy Galore!"

The remark was extra cute because Wreck-it Ralph's John C. Reilly had already said he has a crush on Meredith and added, "I love when you swear, by the way. Very titillating."

Restoring some solemnity, Vanessa Redgrave presented Best Foreign Film to Amour and gushed, "What a script. What a director. What an ensemb-leh of a cast."

Adding real poignancy, Redgrave said the movie deals with a critical physical occurrence that causes drama between a husband and wife, but the same could happen to other familial relationships ("mother and daughter...").

Similarly, David O. Russell talked about Silver Linings Playbook 's treatment of mental illness, saying he has a bipolar son and knows what it's like to have the police come to his house, and also to have a 12-year-old who says he doesn't want to live.

Ben Affleck was charming, saying he had the vague sense that his Special Achievement in Filmmaking honor was "a hanging-in there award--and that's pretty fucking good."

"For fuck's sake--Ben Affleck!" enthused Vieira to the crowd, as John C. Reilly no doubt got extremely aroused.

And after noting that Best Actress Jessica Chastain delivers the kickass line "I'm the motherfucker that found this place!" in Zero Dark Thirty, Chastain came out, looked at Kathryn Bigelow in the crowd, and announced, "You're the motherfucker that's changing the game!"

Fuck yeah!

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