New Hope For Ben Affleck and Argo?

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Ben Affleck was surprisingly shut out of an Oscar nomination for Best Director last week, but he's not down yet.

He stunned all the experts by copping Best Picture and Best Director at last night's Golden Globes as Lincoln looked distinctly un-Presidential. (As I just noted on CNN, the only award the foreign press gave the Spielberg flick was for the British actor playing the part!)

And the turnaround started even before that. As Stephen Schaefer writes in the Boston Globe:

"The look--shock, surprise, delight, disbelief--on Ben Affleck's face when he heard he'd won Best Director for Argo at Thursday's Critics Choice Awards on the CW network was priceless.

"Earlier that day, Affleck was robbed of his deserving Best Director Oscar nomination, so this was a repudiation as well as an endorsement. The fact that Argo then proceeded to take Best Picture over its highly touted rivals Lincoln and Silver Linings Playboook suggests a possible scenario for Oscar night Feb. 24th.

"Yes, Daniel Day-Lewis seems a shoo-in for his wily Honest Abe, and Jennifer Lawrence (for reasons unknown beyond being a beautiful young babe) seems destined to take Best Actress honors for a character in Silver Linings I thought spectacularly unreal.

"But could Argo beat those movies for Best Picture? I can't imagine many wanting to see the stately 150 minute Lincoln a second time, and when I spent the holiday rewatching Silver Linings, I was, to put it mildly, hardly entranced. But Argo works so well on so many levels--well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Go Ben!"

There's just one little thing in the way of Argo copping the big Oscar. A movie that's not nominated for director hardly ever gets Best Picture. (Yes, I know about Driving Miss Daisy. I know everything! Stand back and bow!) Still, things are looking like a possible (ar-) go for Ben's little flick!

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honestly he didn't deserve this award,specially when comparing to Spielberg and Tarantino.I don't know what happened that his film became so noticed?.

jackson30 topcommenter

I doubt it's "Don't give it to an actor" since Kevin Costner won, Warren Beatty won, Mel Gibson won Clint Eastwood won...


He so deserved it. But the Oscars are, for the most part, dictated by people who are older than dirt, so I think it'll be Spielberg, who did fine but not deserving of BD Oscar. Of course, I was wrong about Mitt Romney winning the P so maybe Ben will win after all...oh right, not nominated! What a farce. Those jealous Oscar member directors, clearly were thinking, "Don't give it to the actor." Pinheads! 


"... Jennifer Lawrence(for reasons unknown beyond being a beautiful young babe) seems destined to take Best Actress honors for a character in Silver Linings I thought spectacularly unreal."

Hey Mike: Her win was more about the $408 million "Hunger Games" has made in domestic BO to date.


Actually, that was the best surprise of the evening...Ben put on the perfunctory smile as the nominees were named, and even I let out an OMG!! at the exact moment when it registered with Ben that he'd won. Even Clooney did the omg face...and the room sorta did the same thing, truly glad that he'd won it.  A rare thing for Hollywood.  And he gave a very heartfelt speech about his agent sticking with him during the "troubled" times....I respect him much much more now....(and he and his wife had to endure that JLo "painted" on lace dress.)