Modern Family Costar: I Feel Like I've Had The Greatest Bowel Movement"

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"One Night Stand: Creating a Broadway Musical In A Day is a really good documentary about the making of the 24-Hour Musicals, an annual event where an eclectic assortment of theater folk have one day to whip up short shows that are mounted for an audience the very next night.

Just because they can.

The film--which I saw the premiere of last night--probes into the anxiety, fear, and also inspiration that overcomes these creative collaborators as they frantically work to create magic before the deadline strikes.

And they do. Four fascinating short tuners are shown being whipped into shape, based on topics like germophobia, surgery, wedding gaffes, and Ponzi schemes.

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson is one of the participating actors shown in the doc, and he goes up on a line at one point, but shticks his way through it (as Roger Bart darts out in costume, with a script in hand, and helps him out).

"I'm very, very relaxed," Ferguson is seen saying when it's all over. "I feel like I've had the greatest bowel movement."

Fortunately, the shows themselves are much better than that sounds.

But bodily functions came up more than once at last night's premiere. Another actor, Richard Kind, said in a Q&A after the film, "From the moment you said yes, you're ready to throw up because you're spending the day scared shitless."

By the way, the movie, aptly enough, will be shown one night only! On January 30, at theaters all across the country.

It's a one night stand that won't give you STDs.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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And how does the fat gay guy on the show feel about that?


Actually, I'm glad to hear think those that made it to "the big time" wouldn't bother with stuff like this since it serves no "purpose" to further their careers, so to speak.


that being said, I can also see how it gets them back in touch with why they got into the business in the first place....and not having to deal with the "mechanics" of Hollywood.