Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Will Be Filled With Homophobes

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This weekend's Super Bowl festivities will be a competitive celebration of tight ends and wide receivers mixed with heavy doses of God-fearing hate and loathing.

Queerty has the story about tomorrow night's Super Bowl Gospel Celebration, a star-studded lollapalooza with a dazzling lineup of bigoted singers, rappers, and pastors.

Bishop Paul S. Morton (above)--who will appear--is the guy who made the lovely comment, "You don't try to put two plugs or two sockets together."

No, dear, that's why a top always looks for a bottom!

He also remarked about the society-threatening phenomenon whereby older women constantly attack younger ones and force them into their "lifestyle."

Sounds like he's been watching The Killing of Sister George a little too often.

Anyway, I'll stick to the half-time show, as usual.

Beyonce, don't fail me, lady.

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