Pia Zadora Is Coming To Our City!

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She was the child star of Midgie Purvis, a 1961 Broadway comedy starring Tallulah Bankhead, and also appeared in 1964's immortal work of cinema Santa Claus Conquers The Martians. Later, she became the grownup vamp, married to the rich guy who freely bought gifts for press people. (I was sent a 10-speed bike, among a bevy of other items. I still use my Pia keychain!)

She starred in trashy classics like Butterfly and The Lonely Lady. (The latter has the immortal garden hose scene, the typewriter-letter-swirling montage, and of course the incredible acceptance speech--"I don't suppose I'm the only one who's ever had to fuck her way to the top!" Hardly.)

But Pia Zadora kept going, doing serious albums of standards, performing in Funny Girl, and showing enough spunk to make her the new Mitzi Gaynor.

And I like spunk.

Pia's not a punchline anymore and anyone who says she is just might get punched out.

So here's the chance to see her perform live in NYC!

Click the above link for your choice of dates.

And if you need another sort of date, please ask me!!!! I'll be using my Pia keychain. I always do!

moi and Pia Z.jpeg
Pia and I in the '80s, with wacky hair that made sense at the time.

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Me suspects she said she tore the mansion down because of ghosts just so she could get her face on some rotten ghost-related TV show on a channel nobody watches. Just guessing.


I'd rather see Vicki Lawrence do songs from her 3 albums.  Yes, she recorded 3 albums !


Phew....I'm relieved!  When I saw your header, I thought she was MOVING here!  Just what we need--to have her move into the Dakota and have a ghost order her to tear it down!  Did anyone else see her on that ULTRA-cheesy show on the BIO Channel, "Celebrity Ghost Stories'?  She is now claiming that the reason she tore down the historic Pickfair Mansion in Beverly Hills (home of Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford) is because of nasty, persistent ghosts that were haunting her and her children there.  In its place, we now have a circa 1982 McMansion straight outta "Shahs of Sunset".  Pia, Pia...are you so CLUELESS that you think this is going to make you a more sympathetic character?  Previously, she became (and remains)  a pariah for having torn down one of L.A.'s true historic treasures--and blamed it at the time on 'termite damage'.    Is this new information supposed to make us say, "Oh......THAT's why!  Now I GET IT!"??