The Dirtiest Joke On The Whole Golden Globes Telecast

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No, it wasn't the not-coming out/coming-out speech, which did have some moving material in it.

I'm talking about Sacha Baron Cohen's riff, which referenced Anne Hathaway's pooch-revealing wardrobe malfunction at the premiere of Les Miserables. That was a definite coming out, and caused many an eyebrow to raise, a couple of them even in horror.

Cohen deadpanned last night, "Enough of me pulling back the curtains of Hollywood...and I'm not referring to Anne Hathaway's up-skirt shot."

Cohen called that special area "curtains"! I didn't know people actually say that besides a handful of old gays! And I thought it was hilarious!

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The funniest, dirtiest joke was right after that, where Cohen mentioned that Russell Crowe took personal singing lessons for four months before Les Miz, "and he certainly got his money's worth," or something to that effect while making a face of horror that was priceless.


That joke went right by me! Thanks for explaining it. I can't believe it got past the censors.