Kardashian's Ex Captured In The Grossout Of The Year!

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I knew basketball players dribble, but I didn't know they sweat.

And apparently neither did the lady who reached out to NBA star Kris Humphries after a game, blithely unaware that he'd be wetter than a new bride at Mount Airy Lodge.

Check out the woman's hilarious over-reaction as she wriggles her hands around in agony, then generously wipes herself off on her husband.

Oh, well.

Now we know how Kim Kardashian felt.

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Well, it's not a closeup, so no, you don't see the actual droplets of sweat. But even a two year old could see what's going on--that se's grossed out and then wipes her hands on the guy. Sheesh, people!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Huh? I didn't see the woman get all wet touching him. Must have all happened in a nanosecond. Anyway, IMHO he's drop-dead gorgeous and I would sure like to know why Kim dumped him. Maybe she's a size queen and he wasn't as big as she hoped.


Such ridiculous over-reacting! Chill out, woman. Bottle it and sell it on ebay.