The Oscar Nominations Are Out! Here's Who Got Snubbed!

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The following folk were excluded by the Oscar nominators and will have to either jump off a cliff or just learn to deal with it.

Matthew McConaughey for Magic Mike. He was brill in a dark, witty perf. This was the year he became an actor.

Kathryn Bigelow for directing Zero Dark Thirty. Did James Cameron vote on this?

Ben Affleck for directing Argo. Did J. Lo vote on this?

Beasts of the Southern Wild 2.jpg
Dwight Henry was cast as Quvenzhane Wallis's dad in Beasts of the Southern Wild with no experience whatsoever. In fact, he just happened to own the bakery shop near the set! He was amazing. (Glad the equally fine Quvenzhane was nominated, though. Finally some recognition for her body of work, lol!)

Rachel Weisz in The Deep Blue Sea. Oh, well. She still has Daniel Craig, right?

Anna Karenina was the year's other rich-lady-throws-it-all-away-for-younger-hunk epic. Jude Law should have been nominated as the scorned Count.

Nicole surprisingly picked up some honors for playing a human Barbie in The Paperboy, but Oscar said no. I guess the urine scene wasn't considered dignified enough.

Leonardo DiCaprio for Django Unchained. And they didn't nominate him for Titanic either! What does it take?

I never thought I'd be rooting for a gay villain, but Javier Bardem walked away with Skyfall! Maybe they felt "He already won for playing a baddie with weird hair."

Here's the full list of nominees. I have to say that, despite the occasional snubs, they seemed to go for some very elevated stuff, and that's lovely.

But wait, I just realized Marion Cotillard and John Hawkes were snubbed and Moonrise Kingdom was left out of Best Picture!

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