Three Big Movies That Were Completely Snubbed By The Oscar Noms!

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Yesterday, I told you about individual performers and directors who were touted as serious Oscar contenders, but who got bupkiss. But here are three films that were in a lot of people's prognostications, but got completely shut out.

THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL has gotten SAG and Golden Globe nominations, but Oscar gave it zero! Not even "Best Old Folks Ensemble." Maybe they thought it was a little too "Slumdog Millionaire meets Cocoon" for comfort. More likely, it seemed like a nice little movie that did surprisingly well at the box office, but didn't have a whole lotta gravitas.

I found CLOUD ATLAS incredibly trying, in an imaginative sort of way, but it should have definitely gotten noms for its visuals and certainly its makeup! (Hitchcock got nominated for a couple of jowls, whereas Cloud Atlas pulled off a massive job of cosmetic transformations!) But apparently they hold against it that it was done with Germans, and also no one forgives a flop! Tragic.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES was too gloomy for words, but I definitely thought it would bag nods for some visual and sound stuff. But this Batman totally struck out at the bat, man. As a source says, "The murders made it toxic. Everyone's afraid to even bring it up."

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