Uncle Poodle Is HIV Positive

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In her NON-coming out/coming out speech the other night, Jodie Foster moaned that she's not Honey Boo Boo and therefore didn't need to reveal everything to the world her whole life.

But I felt (A) That diminished all the dignified stars who've felt it important to come out and are hardly reality show attractions

(b) Honey Boo Boo has been gay positive, especially with the inclusion of Uncle Poodle--Lee Thompson--who led to the show's message that everyone's a little bit gay and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

Well, Uncle Poodle has a new revelation.

He's tested positive for HIV.

In keeping with the tone of the show, he's revealed that publicly.

And even if certain Oscar winners might not agree, I have to say "Congrats on the honesty. It could actually make a difference."

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Heterosexuals don't have to proclaim they are straight but they do all the time! Straight celebs are constantly talking about their relationships and babies etc!!! So why should a gay celeb find it distasteful??? Besides, Jodie talked about her kids constantly in interviews and brought them to events. And suddenly she's a private person????? Please don't confuse hypocrisy with "dignity" and "poise". She could have come out ages ago and made a difference.


I don't think Jodie Fosters speech dimimished anyone else's approach on how they lived their life. For her, her personal life has always been just that. Her.personal.life.  She was in the spotlight since she could walk, and fought for every moment of privacy she ever had. Heterosexuals don't have to jump out and proclaim they are straight, and hopefully one day soon, gays will no longer need to do the same. 

"Uncle Poodle's" revelation may help some reevaluate their choices, However I also  think Jodie's life stands as an example for ALL on how to carry ones self with dignity, poise and courage always.


Sad to be infected by someone you trust.  The takeaway is: ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM, AND MAKE SURE YOUR PARTNERS DO, TOO.

Meanwhile, it irks me that the motherfuckers on Wall Street that caused the Crash of 2008 and were bailed out by We The Taxpayers, have not served any jail time.  Who do you have to fuck in this country to go to jail?

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Well, let me say that Uncle Poodle is one very butch yet attractive hillbilly. And it don't matter to me if he's a poz.


I've never watched the show and never will, but C'mon --


That's like Butch Aunt Vicky calling herself "VICTORIA VAGINA".


@pcervantes2009Sorry, you can't have it both ways..

"For her, her personal life has always been just that."

then you say...

"I also  think Jodie's life stands as an example for ALL"

 It's either private or it AIN'T...(you know, it was on "free" TV after all).


"on how to carry ones self with dignity, poise and courage"...but most of us have not had a film career from age 3 or a stalker/killer (before it became 'fashionable'..see "30 Rock") either...buttt.."we" have been tapping our foot for this non-news for 20 yrs...because she's a smart woman!


I swear, I'll stop after this....promise! 

[fingers crossed]:

After that GGlobes speech, I'm "re-thinking" that supposed "urban legend"...Whitney/Jodie thing back in the day.