What Percentage of the American Populace is LGBT?

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There's one Republican poll that claims 3.3% of Americans are "that way," but before you buy that, please realize there are so many other factors.

A) Some people don't identify themselves with a sexuality label, aren't sure which label they might fit into, and/or don't want to say.

B) There's something called the closet.

C) The poll was done by Republicans.

I'd say a figure of 33% is more accurate, but maybe I'm living in a tiny bit of a bubble compared to the rest of the country.

(After all, as I wrote about Hell's Kitchen this week, if the person to the left of you is straight and so is the person to the right of you, then you're definitely gay.)

I guess there's more to America than just Hell's Kitchen.

So instead, I'll compromise and rely on the theme song to the 1976 comic film Norman...Is That You?, about a gay guy's eventual coming out to his parents.

The catchy ditty, performed by disco diva Thelma Houston, tells us, "One out of every six is just like Norman/The other five get off their cookies by conformin'..."

One out of six is approximately 16.6%.

So if the three people to your left are straight and are so are the two people to your right...

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Exit polls after the election asked people their sexual orienation -- 5% said they were LGBT. So if that's the number that are willing to admit it to a pollster, the real number is presumably at least a little higher. (22% of LGBT's voted for Romney, btw).

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

One Kinsey survey revealed that 42% of males had at least one gay experience.


Instead of the "Kinsey six" it's the Kinsey one out of six.


Gay, nationally? I've read 3% to 10%. Some states like California, New York, Florida and Texas, have a huge LGBT population. Places like Utah, Idaho and South Carolina have smaller gay populations. I visited Dallas a few years ago for a conference and I thought I was in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Gay men everywhere. I was surprised. When I drove through Montana, I stopped to sleep and I stood out like a sore thumb.


What % of R's are in total denial when they aren't getting a blow job ?


Where I live, I'd say approximately 100%!