Which Animals Are The Sexiest?

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You'd have to be sick not to think this trim, feisty gazelle was totally hawt!
For years, we've had to listen to that lame argument, "If we have gay marriage, what next...marrying your pet?"

No, haters. Same-sex marriage keeps things within the same species--unlike a lot of your own relationships.

But let's just go along with the stupidity for some wacky fun, and figure which animals would make the best spouses, if we were forced to enter the wildlife dating pool. Here are your choices:

Pot bellied pig-Wikipedia-Oct 12 2011.jpg
Face it. We've all dated a few pigs in our lives.

I'm just wild about wildebeests. And I hear they're pretty versatile.

A black panther. Once you've had one, there's no turning back.

Whether you call it a chevrotain or a mouse deer, this darling creature has a come-hither look that's well nigh irresistible. Call me definitely!

This giraffe is pretty alluring, though kissing's obviously out of the question.

Nothing makes me hotter than a tasty piece of lamb. Woof!

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