Will Jennifer Lawrence Be The Youngest Best Actress Oscar Winner, If She Wins?

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Quvenchane Wallis will be the youngest anything if she wins.

But let's talk about Jennifer Lawrence. She was nominated before, for Winter's Bone, when she was even younger. She's in the huge franchise The Hunger Games, which will surely pay for her old age. And in the meantime, she's nominated for her startling turn as the dark angel in Silver Linings Playbook (for which she just nabbed a Golden Globe).

If Jennifer wins on February 24--and she well might--she will be 22 years young, plus six months and nine days.

She'll be even younger than the very first winner, Janet Gaynor, who was 22 plus seven months and 10 days.

There's just one problem.

When Marlee Matlin won Best Actress for Children of a Lesser God in 1987, she was only 21 plus seven months and six days!

But that doesn't make Jennifer a child of any lesser God. She'd still be extremely young!

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FYI the child's name is Quvenzhané. Her parents names are Venjie Sr. and Qulyndreia. Not everyone needs to be named Jennifer, Janet, or Marlee.


"Quvenchane Wallis....Y do parents do that to a child? i'm referring to her first name.


So young and yet so much work on her face.


"Quvenchane Wallis will be the youngest anything if she wins."

 Gawd I hope she does...if just for the line reading (to her 'father')..."I hope you die!...and I will eat birthday cake on your grave!"...drag queens couldn't have spit out that line better.