A Big Year For Drag And Trans People On Broadway!

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Bertie Carvel is the scary Miss Trunchbull in Matilda. Interestingly, he's been praised for feminizing a rather butch role!
As I've pointed out, it's been an amazing season for beefcake, but it also happens to be a banner time for cross dressing.

La Cage and Priscilla have clearly paved the way for lots more theatrical dolling up as the opposite sex (instead of with the opposite sex, lol).

We have two men playing women, a woman playing a man, a man playing a drag queen, and a woman playing a gender-nonspecific role.

Here's what the Broadway drag race has finished up with.

Stephanie J. Block does double duty as a lady and also as the title character. Yessiree.

Billy Porter is the drag queen Lola in Kinky Boots. There are videos of him in drag on the show's site, kinkybootsthemusical.com.

Patina Miller is Leading Player in the Pippin revival. No, it's not drag per se, but this is the role most identified with Ben Vereen, and Patina's obviously got her top hat and other ambi-sexual gear working.

Gregory Haney brought on the fierceness as a transgender character in Bring it On.

And of course, Bette Midler is playing Sue Mengers...


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