Best Sick Joke About The Pope's Retirement

Categories: Religion

Pope Benedict XVI is taking off his pretty dress and stepping down, which has led to all sorts of speculations, laments, and mostly, jokes.

Like this one from @frankieboyle:

"The Pope must have done something even the church finds unacceptable.

"I'm guessing he's shagged an adult woman."

Uh oh. I get the feeling I'm going to hell just for repeating that!

Bless me, father, for I have sinned. And sinned. And sinned....

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You live in the Vatican.  What’s so rough?  All you have to do is show-up and do this [make the sign of the cross]

The progressiveness of our society is shocking & appalling.  First, Benedict made midnight mass at 10:00. What’s next?  Easter on Memorial Day?

You’re God on earth.  Get over it!


read in nydailynews Dolan may be the new Pope, that has to be a bad rumour


Probable NYPOST headline:  POPE POOPED!!

"Vienna Choir Boys file a class-action suit saying Pope wanted it..Dogma-style" it's an End-cyclical.


The Vatican bank scandal ever-cratering, former Cardinal Roger Mahoney revealed as massive conspirator abetting the anal rapes of boys telling them this is the stairway to heaven and never tell any one or you're off to hell, the dopey papal brother and his boys' choir, the butler did it trope and wacked mentality...none of those are the main suspects.  The Vatican cashes in, bigger than an Adelson casino in Macao, with each and every papal succession.    A million or more will come to Rome to herald the new one ca-chink ca-chink.  With holy water imported from Lourdes, what a glory hallelujah jackpot.  Odds are it'll be an Italian if they're still hiding the bank scandal and the boy-rapes.