Blind Items A-Plenty! Get Out Your Skank Detectors!

Categories: Scandal

Blind gossip items are the theme of this week's column, which is a cavalcade of tawdry yet somehow educational items about the things "who" did to "who else" because "who" never told "whom" that...

Oh, heck, it's a pulsating extravaganza of querulousness.

Filled with lots of whos, whats, whens, wheres, why, and why nots.

Get ready for some tops and bottoms, a smattering of hustler boyfriends, some polite urination on a sitcom star, a lovely bout of breastfeeding a possum, and a whole batch of entitled behavior, which leads to much huffing and puffing when no one recognizes the frustrated star in question--and not because of their surgery either!

In other words, it's a typical day on the funny farm.

A lot of this behavior isn't tawdry at all, actually. It's just the fact that they try to hide it so shamefully!


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I suck at these, but I'm guessing Zooey Deschanel because of the 'quirky' descriptor and Meryl S for the long running actress who beds all co-stars.


...and they think porn stars are "sick" least they're honest.

bethesda topcommenter

This is one of the best ones ever. Love all the Broadway stuff.